Robert P. Waugh, M.D.

Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery


M.D. - University of Massachusetts Medical School

Internship - General Surgery- Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Residency - Orthopedic Surgery- University of Maryland Medical Center

Fellowship - Hand and Microsurgery- Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center- Harvard University

Board Certifications

Certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery


American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

Dr. Robert P. Waugh specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Hand and Upper Extremity disorders and injuries. Learn more>


Dr. Waugh joined Coastal Orthopedics in 2016. We love that Dr. Waugh will often say, “ the hand is what makes your thoughts and intentions reality.” This statement sums up Dr. Waugh’s approach to his specialty and to his patients. He understands that working to heal an injury of the hand can have a far reaching and deep impact on the lives of his patients beyond simple functionality.  


Dr. Waugh appreciates the importance of and enjoys hearing patients' stories about how their injuries came to be.  The story of how a patient came to have the problem tells him not only what the problem is, but also gives him a clue as to how best to address the issue. Dr. Waugh strongly believes that how the patient perceives the injury or disease is critical to building a plan to defeat it.  


He also believes that every patient has a unique problem.  The diagnosis may be the same, but the impact and importance to the individual is always different and personal.  He works to “parse out” problems, so he can better understand what the problem means to someone.  Only in this way will we know what victory over the problem looks like. 


He works just as hard to treat problems non-operatively as he does when he is in the operating room.  In many ways, successfully treating a hand problem without surgery is at least as challenging as surgery itself.  Patients should know that he never takes anyone to the operating room without first establishing that non-operative management will be unlikely to be successful.  


His professional interests include compression neuropathies, upper extremity trauma, basal joint arthritis, carpal instability, rheumatoid arthritis, microsurgery, and wilderness medicine.

When he is not treating patients, Dr. Waugh enjoys sailing, scuba diving, kayak building, kayaking, hiking and spending time with his two daughters.

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