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Custom knee bracing can be used for individuals with previous ACL, MCL, PCL, or meniscal injures as a means to resume activity levels while protecting and preventing future injuries.  Additionally, custom knee bracing can help ease the symptoms from osteoarthritis.  There are two ways in which measurements can be obtained for the custom knee bracing: through physically measuring three specific locations on an individual’s leg with a measuring tape or by a 3-dimensional scanner. 


Coastal Orthopedic Associates uses Townsend bracing by Thuasne given that they manufacture one of the highest quality braces on the market.  The structure of the brace can either be high grade aluminum or carbon fiber depending on the sport or activity the brace is intended for. The inside of the brace is lined with neoprene, soft cushioning and anti-migration straps for maximal comfort and snug fit around the thigh, knee, and lower leg. All neoprene and Velcro are replaceable. Custom knee braces are waterproof and are ideal for all sports lifestyles. Modifications can be made for sports that require laying on knees such as ice hockey goalies. Custom knee braces provide the support and confidence that every patient needs after sustaining an injury. 

Patients who are diagnosed with osteoarthritis can benefit from a custom knee brace.  The Reliever brace is used to open up the knee joint where arthritis is present. The brace achieves this by a 3-point mechanism, applying pressure to the thigh, lower leg, and opposite side of the knee.  Through the brace mechanics, the knee will be placed in an optimal position for improved biomechanics while weight-bearing.  Oftentimes the relief of bone to bone pressure from the joint will reduce inflammation and pain in the area of osteoarthritis.

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Orthopedic Braces
Using an Orthopedic Knee Bracce
Orthopedic Knee Brace Relief

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