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We are proud to offer on-site physical therapy services in our Beverly office located at 152 Conant Street Suite 301. Coastal Orthopedics team of Physical Therapists treats athletes and individuals of all ages and abilities. We are experts in post-operative care, taping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, functional movement screens (FMS) electric stimulation, joint and soft tissue mobilization, gait analysis, return to sports training, and more. 

What Is Physical Therapy (PT)? 

Physical Therapy (PT) is used to treat and prevent orthopedic conditions, acute sports-related injuries, degenerative conditions, and is used to help patients regain strength, mobility, stability and restore functional movement patterns as they recover from surgery. Physical therapists integrate hands-on care, technology, modalities, exercise prescription, and health education to help patients achieve their treatment goals.  

At Coastal Orthopedics Physical Therapy we help you achieve the goals you have always wanted to accomplish. Whether it is running a road race, climbing a mountain, sailing around the world or picking up your child/grandchild. We are here for you every step of the way.  

Physical Therapy in Beverly, MA

We take the approach that everyone can improve the way they move.

An efficiently moving person is a person who uses less energy to complete the task they are trying to accomplish. Just imagine you were driving your car and your tire pressure monitor sensor came on. What if you ignored it and never put air in the tire. This can sometimes happen for us with our movement. We get used to moving a painful way and tell ourselves it will get better or that its just the pain of getting older. Let us help you put some air in your tires and improve how effectively you can more. 

Whether you are recovering from surgery or suffering from persistent pain related to trauma, tendonitis, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, or any other orthopedic condition, we trust Coastal Orthopedics will help you restore your quality of life and achieve greater independence through improved functional movement. 

Coastal Orthopedics Physical Therapy Clinic

Schedule an appointment with one of our movement professionals today.  

"It was my first appointment and it could not have been better. My PT clearly described everything that we would be seeking to accomplish and we started right in on helping with my issue."

- Albert V., Google Review

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Schedule a physical therapy appointment by phone at 978-927-3040,
submit our online form, or visit our new physical therapy clinic in Beverly, MA.

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