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Depending on your diagnosis, you may be instructed to do at home exercises, “home conditioning”, as part of your treatment. You will be provided with instruction in the office by one of our clinical staff members and given written instructions and possible small equipment, such as resistance bands to help you with your conditioning protocols.

Please follow the instructions and do not attempt to modify the instructions or do more or less than we have prescribed for you to do.

Adherence to our instructions will help to ensure optimal healing and prevent further injury.

Most likely, you will have a follow up appointment to check on your issue and to determine if your home conditioning program has been effective for your issue. Depending on your progress, other options may be discussed at future appointments.

Please call the office should you have any questions or concerns regarding your home conditioning program.

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At Coastal Orthopedics, you can schedule an orthopedic appointment by phone at 978-927-3040,
submit our online form, or walk in to one of our three locations in Danvers, Gloucester or Beverly, MA.

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