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Proper rehabilitation post procedure is key to optimal healing.  Our protocols have been developed by our skilled orthopedic surgeons in order to guide your recovery in a safe and effective manner toward full recovery. It is important that the protocol provided to you is followed exactly as it have been communicated to you.

During your pre-operative appointment and as part of your discharge instructions post procedure, your rehabilitation protocols will be discussed with you in depth and provided to you in writing.

Should you have any question related to any instruction listed here, please call the office so that we can work together to make sure that you are following your rehabilitation protocols as directed.

In order to view or print these forms you will need Adobe Reader installed - download here>

Shoulder Rehab Protocols

AC Joint Reconstruction Rehab Protocol

Anterior Capsular Plication Rehab Protocol

Arthroscopic Anterior Labral Repair Rehab Protocol

Arthroscopic SAD and/or Distal Clavicle Resection

Arthroscopic  SLAP Repair

Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression, Distal Clavicle Resection with Biceps Tenodesis

Bankart and SLAP Repair

Isolated Subscapularis Repair Rehab Protocol

Laterjet Coracoid Process Transfer Rehab Protocol

Multi-Directional Instability Capsular Shift Rehab Protocol

Partial RTC Debridement Rehab Protocol

Pectoralis Major Muscle Open Repair Rehab Protocol

Posterior Labrum Repair

Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

Rotator Cuff Repair

Rotator Cuff Repair with Biceps Tenodesis

Rotator Cuff Repair with Graft Augmentation

Rotator Cuff and SLAP Repair

Rotator Cuff Repair, Subscapularis Repair with Biceps Tenodesis

Shoulder Manipulation and Arthroscopic Capsular Release Rehab Protocol

SLAP Debridement

Subpectoral Biceps Tenodesis Rehab Protocol

Superior Capsular Reconstruction

Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

Unstable Proximal Humerus Fracture

Please call our office for the following rehab protocols:

Anterior Shoulder Dislocation Non-Operative Rehab Protocol

Elbow Rehab Protocols

Acute Distal Biceps Tendon Repair Rehab Protocol

Chronic Distal Biceps Tendon Repair Rehab Protocol

Chronic Triceps Tear Reconstruction Rehab Protocol

Elbow Arthroscopy, Debridement, Loose Body Removal Rehab Protocol

Lateral Epicondylitis Debridement/Repair Rehab Protocol

Olecranon ORIF Rehab Protocol

Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction Rehab Protocol

Knee Rehab Protocols

ACL and MCL Reconstruction

ACL/Posterolateral Corner Reconstruction Rehab Protocol

ACL Reconstruction Rehab Protocol

ACL Reconstruction with Meniscus Repair

Acute Patella Dislocation Non-Operative Rehab Protocol

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Arthroscopic Knee Microfracture Rehab Protocol

Knee Arthroscopy, Lateral Retinacular Release Rehab Protocol

Knee Arthroscopy, Meniscus Repair Rehab Protocol

Knee OCD Repair Rehab Protocol

MCL Sprain Non-Operative Rehab Protocol

Meniscal Root Repair Rehab Protocol

Meniscectomy and Debridement Rehab Protocol

MPFL Reconstruction Rehab Protocol

Patella Fracture Orif Rehab Protocol

PCL Avulsion Fracture Repair/Reconstruction

Proximal/Distal Patellar Realignment

Quadriceps Tendon Repair Rehab Protocol

Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy Rehab Protocol

Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy with MPFL Reconstruction Rehab Protocol

Hip Rehab Protocols

Arthroscopic Gluteus Medius Repair and/or Labral Debridement Rehab Protocol

Hip Arthroscopy, ITB Lengthening, Bursectomy Rehab Protocol

Hip Arthroscopy + Labral Repair

Hip Arthroscopy, Microfracture, Labral Repair Rehab Protocol

ITB Release Rehab Protocol

At Coastal Orthopedics, you can schedule an orthopedic appointment by phone at 978-927-3040,
submit our online form, or walk in to one of our three locations in Danvers, Gloucester or Beverly, MA.

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