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Introducing Dr. Gabriel Merlin, Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeon

Coastal Orthopedics is excited to welcome Gabriel Merlin, M.D. to our practice.  Dr. Merlin is a board-eligible and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in conditions of the hand, shoulder, and elbow. He begins accepting new patients this September.

Dr. Merlin is trained and qualified to treat all bone and soft-tissue conditions affecting the very complex organ that is the human hand. When a hand is injured or unable to perform its job well, quality of life suffers; as such, Dr. Merlin focuses on restoring patients to their optimal functional ability as quickly as possible. His specialties include wrist arthroscopy, endoscopic carpal tunnel release, upper extremity joint replacement and reconstruction, upper extremity trauma and complex fractures, soft tissue injuries, compressive neuropathies, finger tip injuries, work and sports-related injuries, nerve and vascular conditions, and biologic injection therapy. He has published on topics including total elbow arthroplasty, non-operative treatment of distal radius fractures, acromion stress fracture following reverse total shoulder arthroplasty, and pectoralis major function after repair. A graduate of Boston University School of Medicine, Dr. Merlin completed one of the most sought-after—and longest-running—fellowship programs in the country at the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center. As a member of this program, Dr. Merlin experienced a comprehensive clinical, surgical, and research experience with a balance of all hand and upper extremity injuries and conditions including trauma, reconstructions, congenital issues, and chronic conditions. In partnership with Shriners Hospital for Children, the fellowship program offers a unique Pediatric focus, as well as specific training for Shoulder and Elbow surgical specialities. When he is not seeing patients, Dr. Merlin enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons. Together they love snowboarding, hiking, running, and of course, rooting for their beloved New England sports teams—Dr. Merlin has been a fan since birth!​ Coastal Orthopedics is thrilled to welcome Dr. Merlin to the team.

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