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New Treatment for Dupuytren's Disease: Xiaflex

by Dr. Gabriel Merlin

Dupuytren's Disease affects the subcutaneous tissue that creates cords and nodules that start to pull your fingers towards your palm.  Unfortunately, the success of surgery with Dupuytren's Disease is only approximately 50% and for a percentage of patients, the disease will come back over their lifetime. The experience of recovering from Dupuytren’s surgery usually prevents patients from doing it multiple times even if it was successful for a period of time.  

Fortunately for the Dupuytren's patient, there is an injection called Xiaflex that breaks down Dupuytren's cords enough so that the patient is able to return to clinic within the week in order to have a manipulation that is oftentimes just as successful as surgery without the pain that comes along with surgery.  If the injection does not work, it does not prevent the patient from having surgery or a repeat injection in the future.

Dr. Merlin states: “In my experience with Dupuytren's disease, Xiaflex injections have been very successful.  Patients notice a great deal of improvement of the contractures that have developed. They also do not fear a repeat injection if they are one of the 50% who is disease will recur, unlike the patient’s that have opted to have Dupuytren's surgery and never want to have surgery again for this problem due to the difficult recovery process.”

Dr. Merlin stresses that, “although flexor tendon injury is possible with Xiaflex injection, I make sure to avoid the flexor tendon and only inject the affected cord.  I and the majority of hand surgeons have never had a flexor tendon injury with Xiaflex.”

If you are suffering from Dupuytren's disease and would like to avoid surgery, Xiaflex may be the right treatment for you. Please contact our office for an appointment to discuss this treatment. 

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22 de jan.

While this advancement addresses hand-related concerns, it's a reminder of the importance of overall health and well-being, including skin care. Just as patients seek effective treatments for conditions like Dupuytren's, maintaining healthy skin through practices like deep clean facials is crucial for a vibrant and youthful appearance. So, whether addressing medical issues or skin care, proactive measures can lead to a better quality of life.

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