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It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce to our patients, our medical community, and our friends that William Lloyd Paly, M.D.  passed away unexpectedly on October 7, 2019 due to injuries he sustained in a bicycling accident. Dr. Paly was a member of the Coastal Orthopedic Associates family for over 27 years and during that time he treated thousands of patients, helping them to restore function and alleviate their pain. The trust and devotion that Dr. Paly’s patients had for him is only matched by the respect, love and friendship that he shared with the members of his staff and his physician partners. Dr. Paly was a highly skilled and compassionate surgeon, a devoted husband, father and grandfather, a remarkably talented person and an enthusiast of life and all its wonders. Dr. Paly’s high personal and professional standards, kindness and respect for all persons and joyful presence will continue to reverberate throughout our practice for the years to come. 

We stand ready to carry on Dr. Paly’s commitment to patient care and we are available to accommodate his patients with the other members of our orthopedic team.

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